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The marian plum (Bouea) one of the genus of Anacardiaceae which grow wildly in the Indonesia region. Generally Mariam plum be used as food, sweetmeat, and mix sauce. Bouea is rare become research study because lower commercial than Mangifera. This research has objective to analyzing biogeopraphic and germplasm Bouea in Indonesia. This research began with some variation observations about specimen in Herbarium Bogoriense (BO) and Bogor Botanical Garden (KRB), then did survey field with collecting from twelve province in Indonesia. The Data  had been taken be followed habitus, photo, coordinate (using GPS-Garmine Etrex 30), altitudes, and site description. The result of research showing about Bouea consist of two main species, those are B. macrophylla Griffith dan B. oppositifolia (Roxb.) Meisn based on the leaf and fruit variation. B. oppositifolia (Roxb.)Meisn. consisted of three group based on leaves characters, i.e. obovate, elliptic, and linnearis leave, while B. macrophylla Griffith relatively similar. Fruit character can be devided into two group i.e. light yellow fruit and fruit with brown spotted yellow. Based of fruit character B. oppositifolia can be devided into two group i.e. oblong-yellowish green, and oblong-red fruit. Among characteristics of the Bouea in Indonesia, cultivars from Ambon, Aceh and South Kalimantan are potentially used to improve their quality and characters. Indonesia region is potentially area to cultivated Bouea, especially west Kalimantan, Belitung Island, West Java, West Sumatera, Jambi, and Moluccas.


Key words: Bouea, biogeografic, species, germplasm, Indonesia

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