Muhammad Yusuf Ritonga


For the first time in Indonesia or Southeast Asia and beyond America and Europe in 2005, attempted to be made of fatty acids V 1895 S (1895 Vegetable Stearate) or C18 from vegetable stearic acid levels of 95%, to be more expensive. Twin Rivers as a buyer glance PT.XXX oleochemical industry, as one of the manufacturers of these fatty acids for the
manufacture of premium shampoo Penten. Experiments have been conducted since October 2005 and the CPO as raw material, through stages - stages of degumming process, splitting coconut oil oil, hydrogenation, fractionation distillasi and fatty acids, the hydrogenation of fatty acids as a key starting Essential Success of this research (the focus discussed in this
paper). results showed no change in operating conditions and splitting the degumming process palm oil, but it requires research specific operating conditions of hydrogenation (as the early stages of the most important process to reduce the double bond at 1895 V S), distillasi and fractionation of fatty acids. Ni catalyst dosage 40 -45 kg / batch (4.4 -5.43 kg / mt) in the hydrogenation stage SCPOFA (CPO splitted Fatty Acid) and CV 1895 S (Crude V 1895 S). When the hydrogenation reaction 2.5 to 3.0 hours SCPOFA normal reaction time (1.0 hours), the initial temperature of the reaction from 177.7 to 183 o C and iodine numbers obtained 0.92
g/100 g without resulting in a reduction of iodine HSCPOFA significant numbers to suppress the lower content of unsaturated V 1895 S as well as causing significant production capacity fell by 50%. Hydrogenation CV 1895 S requires a reaction time up to 4-6 hours, the initial temperature of the reaction from 168 to 182.5 ° C, Ni catalyst dosage 20 -30 kg / batch (2.2 -3 , 26 kg / mt) and iodine numbers obtained 0.41 g/100 g. The first trial resulted in V 1895 S generally comply with quality standards of quality, but the percentage of double bonds. But berdasarkan research data, it still can be fixed better in the next stage of industrial-scale experiments.

Keywords: palm oil, fatty acid double bonds in S V 1895, production capacity, the initial temperature, reaction time, catalyst dose Ni, quality standards, the hydrogenation.

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